9 more gift ideas for academics

Following the success of last year’s gifts for academics post, here are a few more fresh gift ideas for academics!

9 more gift ideas for academics

9 more gift ideas for academics

1. A poster of a city

For those academics who move cities or even countries for a new job, this could be a simple way to remind them of their favorite place or city. Create your own or get one via Mapiful or Axis Maps (h/t @mdekstrand)

Gift ideas for academics: poster of their favorite city

2. A book holder

For more efficient reading and writing, as seen on @raulpacheco‘s Twitter

Get one at bookhug.com or go for one of the options from Amazon:

 Gift ideas for academics: book holder

3. Travel containers

I swear by HumanGear GoTubb and GoToob:

Gift ideas for academics: travel containers Gift ideas for academics: travel containers

Perfect for conference travel with a carry-on! If you want to be nerdier, get some test tubes for the same purpose, as recommended by @babyattachmode.

4. Tile

Tile is a Bluetooth tracking device, great for keeping track of your keys, bag or the even your stapler that somebody borrowed “just for a second”.


5. Codenames board game

It’s the best board game ever! I found out about it through Felienne and am obsessed with it. There are different versions, but I really like the “pictures” one.

Gift ideas for academics: Codenames board game

6. Clothes with pockets

For your academic friends who wear dresses and skirts.  It’s a conspiracy I could just start believing, but it’s very difficult to find women’s clothing with pockets. Luckily more and more businesses are realizing this, here are a few options:

7.  Wineglasses

Good for wine, but also good for feeling like a real adult, when you have a whole set of matching wineglasses that maybe are even not from IKEA.
If you want to splurge, try these Tenure wineglasses spotted by @doc_becca:

8. Gift of Headspace

Although I was skeptical at first, Headspace has been very helpful for me – I would definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with any sort of stress. You could just get a month subscription to start with to see if the recepient of the gift is into it.


9. On Writing Well

Because we all should be writing.




More gift ideas? Check out my previous post on gift ideas, and these lovely ideas from AcademiaObscura.

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