Reader Q&A – What I do next to research and blogging

In this post I answer another question from a reader of this blog – what I do next to research and blogging.

I think this is an interesting question because I have to put a lot effort into deciding how I spend my time.

On an average week I work 40 hours – and I am proud of it. Although this might seem little (especially those working, or at least claiming to work double), I am tired by the time I get home. I think that’s a good sign, because to me that means I’m using my hours effectively.

So once I’m home, I can relax. This is a bit of a complicated word for me. My mind immediately goes to sitting on the couch together with my partner and cat, drinking a glass of wine, and watching an episode of the latest series. I do actually do this quite often, and I’m lucky to have the time to do so.

But, I am not always relaxed. Often my mind is on something I need to do the next day, and I might be mindlessly looking at my phone in an attempt to quiet my mind. But I don’t find it a very worthwhile way to spend my time, which might further increase my anxiety.

Instead I try to do other activities, which are still relaxing, but which require more effort. There’s blogging, but that wasn’t a part of the question. Another one is exercise. I still haven’t been able to trick myself into thinking that running is my hobby, but I’m getting there. I also like organizing things at home, reading, cooking, listening to Headspace, learning languages on Duolingo… Not work activities, but they require more effort than for the Netflix scenario, and help my mind quiet down.

In the weekend I first get things like cleaning and groceries done. (By the way, Evernote and Todoist help a lot with this – I could expand on in a different post, if there is interest!). I also try to get some more exercise in and maybe do a larger DIY project at home.  Then I might meet with friends for dinner and/or drinks, or a trivia quiz. I’m a morning person and get up early even if I don’t have to, so I don’t go to bed very late, even on the weekends 🙂

That’s about it – the glamorous life of an assistant professor, haha! What are your favorite activities? Am I missing out on a really great hobby? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Reader Q&A – What I do next to research and blogging”

  1. What I like (or it’s more like require…) to do when I get home from work, is play around with my phone for 20min, I usually just watch Youtube videos. These 20 min are MY time to do nothing. After that I hardly do anything with my phone unless spoken to:)

    I’ve started to work earlier now, so I still have 2 hours of energy before the before-dinner dip to spend at home, instead of wasting it on the office. With (blogging), crocheting, cooking, baking, board work, learning Japanese, teaching my boyfriend Swedish, Youtube fitness, watching TV, planning trips, the occasional pub quiz and playing the flute: Plenty to choose from. On the weekends, meeting friends and family is added.

    A great stress relief is Taiko drumming! Fitness plus beating on something 😛

    • All of that sounds great! Maybe I should get into crocheting, I do actually have all the things for it, but so far I have only crocheted a round pillowcase 😀

      Drumming sounds like a lot of fun! But for me having to actually go somewhere to do it would actually be too stressful. Maybe playing piano at home could be a thing, less fitness though 🙂


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