My blog in 2017: “first times”, failure and more

I already wrote in my goals for 2017 that I plan to blog every week in 2017. I’m building up quite a list of blog post ideas, and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much I “have” to write. However, I AM starting to feel that all these ideas are slowly falling into place, into different broad categories that I like to write about. This was very difficult for me at first, as I felt that I needed to decide what my categories were before I started publishing posts. But I’m beginning to accept it’s a more evolutionary process. In this post I’m sharing what I – at this point in time – think I will be blogging about in 2017.

Creating an academic website

This idea came up just recently, when somebody asked me (and others who have their own website) about this. As at the time I was registering domain number 7 to setup a website for a workshop, I realized I’ve been doing this for a while. Hell, I even had a job as a web developer at some point! All in all, I hope my experience with this will be useful to others.

I already wrote the first post about setting up your own website, but I’m planning to write more about what type of pages/content to add, examples of websites that I think are done well, which WordPress plugins I use, security tips and so forth.


This is one of the older ideas on this blog, were I share my experiences of doing something for the first time, like preparing for a lecture or reviewing a paper. I still would like to cover responding to reviewers and organizing a workshop, and perhaps more things that I can’t think of right now. Please leave a comment if you think there’s something obvious I’m missing here!

Tips, tools, hacks?

I must have renamed this category about five times already, and still I’m not really happy with the name. In any case, this is where I post little bits of advice about all sorts of things, like printing a poster on fabric and my favorite productivity apps. Alternative category name suggestions are always appreciated.

Advice to myself

This is just something I’m getting started with. Recently I’ve been extracting advice – in particular about building habits, productivity and starting a tenure track job – from blogs, books and podcasts. I want to do better than just “favorite” the resource and forget it, so my goal is to summarize the advice that I am planning to take, while crediting the resource. Then the summary can be both a reminder to myself, and a (hopefully useful) collection of resources for others.

CV of Failures

I’ve shared some thoughts on the CV of Failures (or ShadowCV) before. The idea is to talk about the hidden side of the CV, which includes rejections from jobs, funding, papers… you name it. I like the idea of the Shadow CV a bit more because it’s broader, and allows to talk about other hidden things. For example, personal circumstances that have affected the choices I made in my career.

Since my experience is limited, it isn’t enough to share my shadow CV only, so I decided to involve other people as well. This quickly turned into an idea for a blog series called…

Drumroll please…

“How I Fail”

Inspired by How I Work on PhDTalk, I will be interviewing current and former academics about their views on failure and shadow CVs. I will publish these posts every two weeks, with the first starting on Saturday 4th of February. So far I have personally contacted the people I’d like to interview, but if you are interested, please drop me a line.

I’d love to hear from you which posts you are especially looking forward to or if I’m missing something. Please leave a comment below or message me on Twitter!

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