My goals for 2018 – final progress report

As promised on Twitter, here’s an update with what has been happening with my writing and personal 2018 goals. You can find the previous reports on 2018 here and here.


I have previously submitted my survey on semi-supervised, multiple instance and transfer learning, and this quarter I received the reviews! This has been my most positive review experience to date, since I got the reviews back after about 2 months (compared to 9+ during my PhD). All reviewers were generally positive about the paper and had constructive comments. I planned out the revisions in Todoist and submitted a new version in December. Fingers crossed!

I also finished and submitted an invited paper with the best title ever, “Cats or CAT scans: transfer learning from natural or medical image source datasets?” (arXiV). Again the review process was smooth and after revising the paper, just before the end of 2018, I got news that it was accepted!

In total that’s three papers (two accepted and one revised) that I consider published for 2018. One less than the four I was aiming for, but I’m proud of this result.


Nothing new to report here since last time. Blogging has been a little bit on “stand-by” while I was addressing other issues. Looking at all of 2018, my numbers are up from the previous year, although a large part of that is due to one viral post.

I am convinced now that I need to batch writing, editing/publishing and improving my website in general as different activities. More on this in my 2019 goals post!


The most important thing I did this quarter is that I got help for problems I have been experiencing, and really saying no more often. This has made a big difference in most areas of my life.

An important health-related difference is that I can now finally say I enjoy running. Partly this is due my brain functioning better, and partly because I’ve started running slower. I didn’t get to my goal of 10K under 1 hour (but was close), and I did a 15K, so overall I’m satisfied. In 2019 I’d like to continue running regularly and – now that I feel I have a bit more headspace – incorporating more strength training into my exercise.

Everything else

It’s a bit weird to only reflect on the things that I wrote down as goals at the start of 2018. Sure, the writing and health parts were the some of the most important things this year. But here are a few other important things from this year.

  • I supervised my first MSc student and hired my first PhD student
  • Two grants were rejected
  • I met several people from Twitter and made new friends
  • I had to cancel several projects due to my health
  • I received a few invitations for talks etc that I’m excited about, see a few of them here
  • I met my friends regularly for trivia quizzes or BBQs
  • I joined a choir and started taking singing lessons
  • My cat Buffy passed away 🙁
  • I got two kittens, Pixel and Dot

I also shared several of these (that I tweeted about previously) on Twitter, the thread starts over here:

It’s difficult to review a whole year. Next year, I will be trying something a bit different…. stay tuned!

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