On Mastodon I’ve been enjoying the #3GoodThings hashtag where people post about good things of that day (or perhaps a longer time period). I just posted one of my own there, and then I thought in general this concept might be a good way to carefully start again.

It’s 8AM here so not a lot has happened today, but here are some good things I wanted to share.

Thing #1

We submitted a paper with Amelia, several other people in the lab, and new collaborators we met only recently. This was what I like to call a 1+1=3 collaboration. To me these are rare but extremely valuable, and I hope we will be doing more of this.

In general recently several other collaborations with lab members and others have been quite inspiring, so look out for more #3GoodThings about this 🙂

Thing #2

A colleague wrote me a “happy folder” email about this blog. I realize I’ve been neglecting this space for a while, but this is still so good to hear. Together with a conversation with another colleague about blogs, and the #3GoodThings motivation, maybe this is how I will get to do more of it again.

Thing #3

While working on the paper from thing #1, we stayed late at the office and got pizza. Amelia found a pizzeria close by, but they did not do delivery and I thought I could use the fresh air. The amazing things that happened after is that I actually (i) called them on the phone and (ii) spoke Danish for the entire process. I was a bit less impressed with myself when I realized the person I spoke to was probably Italian, but I’ll still take it as a win.

//Perhaps it’s important to note here that this type of event is quite a rare. I usually leave the office before 5PM and discourage working overtime with people in the lab. But once in a while, it can be a good experience 🙂


These were the 3 things! Maybe, I will post something else soon again

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