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Although I have been blogging for a while, it doesn’t happen often that a post gets shared as “Goodbye, tenure track” was. The downside is that any follow-up post will be anticlimactic. While trying to choose a topic to blog about (from several drafted posts) I realized I was procrastinating. So, what’s better than to share these thoughts, and what I’m planning to blog about in the next year.


The most popular topic by far! Recently I’ve been doing events about what I’ve learned about failure so far, and while doing so, several ideas emerged, that I want to write about. I have also started searching for people to interview for season of How I Fail, if you want to join you can leave me a message here.

(Tenure Track) Tips

Perhaps a bit strange from somebody who is leaving the tenure track, but I think I still have a few things to say that might be helpful for any early career researchers.


Following our “Ten Simple Rules for Getting Started on Twitter as a Scientist” paper and the corresponding attention, I have been getting some more follow up questions about how I use Twitter so I’d like to share a few tips for this as well.


If there’s anything else you’d like to hear about, please leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter!

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